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Dongfang Honggou is one of the main female protagonist of "Rise of the Demon King"


Manhua - In the Manhua Dongfang Hongdou is a beautiful woman that is well endowed. She has long red hair with violet eyes and wears dresses that are a dark grey with red trim.



Xiao Lang - Dongfang Hongdou first meets Xiao Lang when Xiao Lang returned to the Xiao clan in the Imperial City. He teased her about how he likes women with large breasts and she thought he was a pervert. He did this numerous times telling her that he is serious. It wasn't till he went to the Princesses banquet and he read a poem for her that she truly fell in love with him. After he had to leave the capital he told her that if fate allows they will meet again. They next met when the Empire was fighting the blood sect.The Princesses invited Ya Long to a banquet and he accompanied her in disguise. Ya Long was asked to do poetry and didn't know what do to do so Xiao Lang gave her a poem to recite. After the recital the Princess, Dongfang Hongdou and Chu Hu suspected that he was Xiao Lang. Her father brings Xiao Lang to their compound, as he knows that he is Xiao Lang, and tells Xiao Lang he must be a God of War within five years to marry Dongfang Hongdou to which Xiao agrees to accomplish.. They then spend time together and when they are alone they confess their to love to each other and Xiao Lang stays the night with her.