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Liu Ya is on of the main female protagonists in "Rise of the Demon King"


She was dressed in a pale green flowery dress, with a oval face, willow eyebrows, and a graceful figure. She had a noble and holy air about her


Liu Ya is strikingly beautiful woman that wears dreVsses that are a shade of purple. In the Manhua she has blond her with violet eyes. In the Novel she has long black hair and brown eyes.



Xiao Lang - In the Manhua Liu Ya ran the arena where Xiao Lang would compete against wild animals and she took a liking to him. Initially, he was not interested but after he stopped her from being raped she told him her story of how she was abused by her deceased husband and he must think she is trash. He told her that he doesn't think that way and their love blossomed. She is Xiao Lang's second love interest behind Bu Xiao Man, but his first lover. She fiercely loves Xiao Lang and is always worried if he will be alright. She is the first woman that Xiao Lang claimed as his woman.

In the Novel she is known for being a widow who likes to go after younger men. She attempts to go after Xiao Lang, but he doesn't fall for her charms. She still pursues him and after he saves her from being raped , she tells the story of how her husband abused her and forced her to sleep with other men and it caused her heart to die. It was only after she met him that her heart opened up again, she asked him if he doesn't like her for this she can understand. Xiao Lang told her i'm not that kind of person. Later she was imprisoned due to Xiao Lang killing the mayor's son and was worried if Xiao Lang was alright. After the Xiao Clan came and rescued Xiao Lang they took revenge on the mayor and his clan. Xiao Lang had a member of the Xiao Clan go get his friends from the prison and bring them to him. Liu Ya saw all the dead people and thought she was brought here to be killed, but then she saw Xiao Lang and wanted to run to him but hesitated as she was worried. Xiao Lang then called to her to come to him and she rushed over. After they returned home, Xiao Lang went to Liu Ya and they spent two day together. When her was getting ready to leave for the Xiao Clan he told her once he's settled he will come for her. She told him she wants to stay and learn Alchemy, but she will only be his in this life and will be waiting on his return. Xiao Lang told he would let her stay in Pill King Valley for now. Eventually Xiao Lang did return and take her with him and she becomes one of his wives.

"How can a useless woman like Yaer enter your Xiao Family? I also don't like the big families of the Xiao family. I am going to learn alchemy from the Medicine King. Xiao Lang, Yaer will be your lover in the future. As long as you still remember that there's a woman waiting for you in Medicine King City, you can come back and visit me whenever you have time! " [1]


When Young, she fell in love with a servants son but once her family knew, both the servant and his son disappeared.

She was forced to marry a young master of big clan against her will but complied due to family reasons.

Her Husband(worst kind of guy that can be imagined) forced her to sleep with his clients with threats of destroying her entire family in case she revealed anything or didn't comply. These events naturally gave her bad reputation among respectable people who didn't know anything about her husbands doings and thus was labelled slut by most.

This caused her heart to die without any real emotions remaining

Later on her husband went out to hunt but came back crippled thus again starting abusing her until his death which eventually freed her from this nightmare.

Then she started new life with dead heart but her reputation was already sullied due to her past. Later on she met Xiao Lang and became his lover. She never betrayed him after becoming his lover and gave her all to him since he had managed to open up her dead heart. Later on she would become one of his wives.


"Rest assured little man, from now on, only you can enjoy Yaer's body!"[1]


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