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Xiao Lang is a young martial artist who is not given any respect in his community because he is poor and is seemingly helpless. He constantly remains helpless and feels terrible because no one thinks of him as a good warrior.

He is constantly ridiculed and no one feels any affection for him. Even the worst of the worst martial artists is given more respect than him and he is made the butt of every joke. In fact, anyone who feels bad about themselves takes out his frustration on him.

Eventually Xiao Lang has to face so much ridicule, that he has to leave his family and loved ones. However, he decides that he has to end this injustice and needs to grow stronger, he finds a new power by awakening a divine spirit.

However, in Rise of the demon king Novel no one considers it of any use. But they are wrong and he emerges as a "Demon king".[1]

Manhua - The Manhua follows a different path for Xiao Lang to become the "Demon King"

Novel also known as "Demon becoming the Lord", "惡魔成為主" or"Èmó chéngwéi zhǔ"

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