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Xiao Qingyi is one of the main female protagonists in "Rise of the Demon King"

heaven Emerald bamboo(Legendary Artifact) = "I have an absolute power, to make my master not die. even if my master die, i will make my master reincairnate"


She is very beautiful, this girl was like a completely blooming peony, sweet and elegant and quiet..




When Xiao Qingyi is still young, her master gave a green hairpin. She told Xiao Qingyi to must not take off the hairpin. in her first death, that green hairpin turn out to be the legendary artefact that make Xiao Qingyi to to reincarnate

She is the one who took Xiao Lang from the Xiao family when his parents were killed in order to protect him. Xiao Lang trained hard so he would have the ability to help her afford a cure for her illness, but she kept the fact that she was poisoned from him. She is eventually cured of the poison.

She is very protective towards Xiao Lang and he is also protective towards her as he will kill anyone that disrespects or causes her harm